Tennis Court Services have specialised in the painting, cleaning, maintenance and renovation of tennis courts since 1986.

Our primary business is the cleaning of surfaces and the spraying of different coatings in order to improve and strengthen them.

2016 marked 30 years of tennis court surface cleaning, tennis court painting, tennis court repainting and tennis court restoration.


For some years the partnership of Tennis Court Services was one of the largest tennis court painters, working for tennis court contractors as well as directly for private clients, schools and organisations such as Queen’s Club and The Bank of England.

We helped test polyurethane coatings which are now an important part of the industry and helped write the ‘Code of Practice for Painting Tennis Courts’.

How we work

We only work directly for the client. We do not undertake work for other companies or use subcontract labour.

Staff are directly employed and experienced in tennis court painting and tennis court cleaning. The advantage of not being tied to any other companies (sub-contracting is prevalent and the norm in the tennis court industry) is that we directly control our work program and are therefore offer a more reliable service to our clients.

To our knowledge, we are the only company involved in tennis court maintenance that can make this claim of working independently.

We are able to operate like this because of our extensive database of past clients which stretches back thirty years and provides repeat business.

We undertake work for Tennis Clubs, Schools and Colleges throughout the UK. Work for private individuals is restricted to the South of England.

We provide advice, site visits and quotations without obligation so please contact us with your enquiry. Many of our customers have become friends over the years.

The survey

Wherever possible the surface is surveyed and a free no obligation quotation is sent which explains the processes involved. After over twenty five years we are obviously very experienced in the small specialist field in which we operate, and can usually pinpoint why a surface is slippery and rectify the situation.

Tennis Court Services – specialists in tennis court cleaning.