If you see fretting on your courts where interconnected cracks appear it’s time to take remedial action.

Tennis Court Binder Application

An early sign that Netball courts and tennis courts are showing their age is the appearance of loose stones on the surface.

Another sign of Netball and tennis court aging is the appearance of “fretting” where interconnected cracks appear.

The commonly accepted and most effective method of strengthening an older surface is to spray a glue like material to the surface immediately prior to the application of the coloured coating – also known as tennis court painting.

This product is commonly known as a binder. The level of texture in the coating can be increased when required, for example for netball use which requires a higher slip resistance.

This product is usually used for damaged surfaces requiring extra strength where loose stones are noticeable on the surface, although it can be applied to new surfaces. The binder acts like a tack coat, and is a clear light material which becomes sticky after application for a short period. The coloured coating is then sprayed to the binder to create a stronger, more durable coating than would exist otherwise. The combination of the binder and the solids sprayed in the coloured coating usually in quantities higher than that applied normally, help to effect a stronger coating which helps to reduce the future wear of the surface.

We do not give these coatings a trendy name for marketing purposes. We explain clearly the material to be applied, without any branded labels.

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