Painting corrects slip resistance, prevents moss growth and looks great.

Tennis Court Painting

Tennis court paint contains texture to prevent excessive slip. The coatings applied by us are the best quality available, and our equipment is capable of applying coatings suitable for tennis and netball, which requires a higher level of texture. Our work exceeds recommended industry levels.

Here are the benefits of the tennis court painting carried out by us:

  • Tennis court surfaces have a vastly improved appearance
  • The playing sensation is improved by the tennis court paint
  • Superior tennis court paint strengthens and protects the surface thus extending its useful life
  • Tennis court paint includes an inhibitor to reduce the growth of moss and algae
  • The is a wide choice of tennis court paint colours
  • The surface meets LTA and industry standards

Other Court Painting Applications

Tennis court paints can also be used to provide the ideal surface for multi-use games areas – MUGAs – and other sport and recreational applications.

The Tennis Court Paint

Most tennis court paints supplied by the handful of manufacturers offer the optimum level of performance in terms of slip resistance and strength for a good condition surface. However, enhanced tennis court paints can be applied to surfaces which may require extra strength. The polyurethane content of the coating can be increased to add strength, thereby offering the potential to contain more texture for a longer period of time if required. Another method to add strength to the surface is to spray a glue like material called a tennis court surface binder prior to the tennis court paint colour coating.

Slip Resistance

Texture on a surface can be measured and the LTA have a recommended minimum level of 60 for tennis. The netball slip resistance is higher at 75 because of the nature of the sport. Depending on the texture of the surface our coatings comfortably reach this level. For surfaces or sports requiring a higher level of texture we would recommend a polyurethane coating with increased amounts of aluminium oxide. This is something that we can advise on. MUGA’s (multi use games areas) often require the higher strength polyurethane coating and increased texture.

Tennis Court Binder

A method of strengthening older surfaces is to spray a polyurethane glue like material, usually termed tennis court surface binder, to the surface prior to the painting.

This product is usually used for damaged surfaces requiring extra strength, although it can be applied to new surfaces. The binder acts like a tack coat, and is a clear light material which becomes sticky after application for a short period. The coloured coating is then sprayed to the binder to create a stronger, more durable coating than would exist otherwise. The combination of the binder and the solids sprayed in the coloured coating usually in quantities higher than that applied normally, help to effect a stronger coating which helps to reduce the future wear of the surface.

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